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About Gracie

Five years ago we started growing organic vegetables in response to the extreme hunger in the community across the street from us where more than 15,000 people from 12 different nations live in shacks.  For too many, their daily average income is less than the price of a loaf of bread. They literally live below the Bread Line…there is simply no way can they afford healthy, nutritious food.

Our simple decision was to never say No to anyone who needed food. Our small veggie patch has kept growing over time and today we are blessed and thankful to provide almost 200,000 meals a year with the help of so many volunteers and kind donors.  We now deliver the veggies to 14 food kitchens in the community where the local Mamas prepare the meals and distribute the organic goodness to the most vulnerable.

Five years ago we started humbly with a part time gardener to help us plant our first vegetable circle and now Gracie is a lovely team of six full time staff, from across the street, who keep the veggies thriving.

We call this gift of giving Gracie Love-In-A-Bowl. Gracie, because we have all received Grace in our lives at some point and we wish to be Grace to others. Gracie, Thank You!! And Love-In-A-Bowl because these veggies are planted and nurtured and grown with much Love in the Garden.

Volunteer & Donate

So many generous people provide us financial assistance, which enables us to do this work. Individuals and Businesses come alongside us, sponsoring this programme with monthly donations and one time grants. Local community members, international tourists, and friends and family from abroad dip into their pockets on behalf of our very vulnerable neighbours. EVERY donation helps and is VERY gratefully received!

Our Main Supporters and Sponsors