When Michelle Reid, 49, left a life of glitz and glam, she had no inkling that her path would lead to Shamanic Healing and community upliftment.

“Before my ‘shift’, I was working in advertising sales, mostly for a media company, where I was responsible for generating income and looking after clients for a magazine and TV show. Towards the end of 2011, I found myself doing a lot of research about things happening around the world. It had me question my life path and realise things that were fundamentally important to me, such as food, and being connected to Mother Earth and the plant kingdom; healing through yoga and meditation; and creating healing spaces for others. I realised there was a crucial piece missing: a connection to spirit, and so, over the last four years I’ve been doing Native American shamanic training.

“My husband and I started small, in our back garden, where we grew vegetables and opened a restaurant. There were a lot of stumbling blocks along the way, and much financial insecurity, but we found investors, used our savings and managed to sustain ourselves. We found that by investing time in research, there were ways to do things with very little money. But we were naïve in the beginning.

“We moved to a two-acre property in Cape Town’s Hout Bay – a piece of land that could be agriculturally zoned and opened to the public. Here, our dream expanded and we were able to supply organic foods and products I make, while offering yoga classes, massages, healing sessions, medicine work and female drum circles.

“Three-and-a-half years ago we moved to an eight-acre farm which we named Sacred Ibis. This was when we stepped into a far more spiritual path of service. Before, we were a business. Now, although we still grow vegetables, we don’t sell them. It’s our service to offer food to the communities around us, through our project called Gracie Love in a Bowl.

“You need a lot of faith to make such a change. You have to let go of the paradigm of needing a 9-to-5 job and stable income to survive, because you don’t. There is another way.”

Sanlam Reality | Autumn 2019

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