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So many generous people provide us financial assistance, which enables us to do this work. Individuals and Businesses come alongside us, sponsoring this programme with monthly donations and one time grants. Local community members, international tourists, and friends and family from abroad dip into their pockets on behalf of our very vulnerable neighbours. EVERY donation helps and is VERY gratefully received!

We are able to provide 200,000 meals a year from our Garden because of all the wonderful people who lend a hand: volunteers from our community and from around the world regularly help us maintain the gardens, plant the seeds and seedlings, assist in harvesting and distributing the veggies; 14 community kitchens prepare and serve the meals; local restaurants, breweries, horse owners and garden services provide us their organic waste, malt, straw and clippings so that we can build our own compost and mulch. And two of our neighbours have provided us large areas of their fertile land to grow additional veggies. We are pleased to say that with all this help each bowl of goodness is lovingly served at a cost of only R4 each (that’s 28 cents USA). Thank You!

If you wish to volunteer, please contact us at gordon@live.co.za. Donations can be made directly at the links below. Thank you so much for joining us in this mission of kindness.

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